21 Porcelain Key

21 Key
21 Key

Hi, my name is Kylee and this is my artifact, a porcelain key.The key came from Ireland. My mom got it when she turned 21. It's used for a tradition when a family member turns 21 you buy or give them their key. My mom can't  use it because it can't open anything but it does show you’re Irish. 
This key is connected to my mom and my nana's Irish tradition. My aunt lives in Ireland and she had to send it to my Nana here in NY.  It was meant for my mom because my mom turned 21 first because she has two younger sisters so they get the key later on the years.
This tradition actually originated from England. England was in control over Ireland for over 800 years. The key stands for the key to adulthood or your key to your parents house. You get it at age 21 because you're old enough and responsible to get the key and take care of it and you won't lose it.

Why did I choose this item?  I chose it because it's from Ireland and my nana is from there and Ireland has been in rough times like potato famine and other stuff. So I wanted to spread Irish culture and tell people more about it! I have never been to Ireland but learning about the past and the culture can make me picture what Ireland looks like!

Place(s): Ireland

– KS

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant