Rincon Genealogy

A book detailing my family history.
A book detailing my family history.

The object I have chosen is called the “Árbol Genealógico”. The title is written in Spanish because my ancestors on my mother’s side of the family came from Mexico. They moved from Mexico to the United States of America. In English, the title translates to “Family Tree”. This object I have chosen is a book. As you would expect it is made of the materials commonly used to make books. Also, it is worth noting that the book has a hard cover. The book’s hard cover is made from paperboard. The pages in the book are made of paper. This book is used to keep track of my family history. The book dates back to 1870 and ends in 2013. The “Árbol Genealógico” is an archive which contains who has lived in my family, where they have lived, and how long they lived. The “Árbol Genealógico” was introduced to me by my Mother. She got it as a Christmas present from my Uncle Art who went to Mexico to visit our distant family. They put all the work into creating the book and gave multiple copies to my Uncle. Her connection to this book lies in the fact that she is one of the family members in the book. The book is very important to her and she has put lots of effort into ensuring that it remains in good condition. The Árbol Genealógico book contains an impressive amount of my family’s history. It is an item which holds significant personal value to myself and my family.“I think it is important to pass down what it really means to be a family, to be there for one another, take care of each other, respect each other.” - Irma Moulton

Place(s): Mexico and the United States.
Year: 1951

– John Moulton

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant