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Забива́ка key chain picture
Забива́ка key chain picture

On the summer of 2018, me and my family were waiting for my grandparents to arrive in the airport at 7 pm. When they finally arrived, me and my brother ran towards them to greet them. Then my parents greeted them and we were on our way back home on our car. We drover for 10 minutes to get back, and when we finally got back, my grandparents started to unpack their bags. They took out things like candy bags, clothes, food, and some other things. They also took out presents for me and my brother. There were 4 presents, 2  2018 world cup mascot Забива́ка plushies and 2 2018 world cup mascot Забива́ка keychains. Me and my brother both got a plushie and we both got a keychain. My brother got a figure on his key chain while I got a small tag that had a Забива́ка picture on it. He wore a white t-shirt with blue sleeves and red shorts. He was named Забива́ка which translates to goalscorer was named it because he was a mascot for a soccer world cup. The tag was silver and on the picture, Забива́ка was scoring a goal while running in a blue background and had a gold/silver outline on himself. That was the last gift I received from my grandparents and it is very important to me.

Place(s): russia, nyc

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