This is called a molcajete. This is about 13 years old. The connection my mom has to this is that when she was in Mexico, she used to make salsa on this molcajete. This connects to immigration because she used to make salsa with this in Mexico, and to this day, in New York, she uses it to make salsa. Back when there wasn't electricity they used a molcajete just as if it were a blender. The thing next to the molcajete is called tejolote is used to smash whatever is in the molcajete. You can put the salsa on tacos and beans. You can also make guacamole with a molcajete. This makes my mom feel like she is still in Mexico! While this brings happiness here in New York, the emotional impact that my family has had is also sadness because my parents had to leave other family members. They had to leave my brother who was only 2 or 3 years old at the time.

Year: 2003

– Mayra

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