Yemen to New York

In Attire
My country flag
My country flag

                                                                                       My country flag 
I’m from Yemen.  This is my country flag.   Its the amazing place that I love. My country flag means lot things in my life because when I see my country flag it reminds me of my country because I moved from my country to U.S.A. Every time I see it I remember my country and the days I been there me and my family was good days so I keep looking to my flag so I can remember my country and doesn't forget it cause I’m far away from my country and the only way it remember the days I was there and the day I traveled to here. When I look to my country flag  so now I remember outside of my house and so now I still remember that day I left from my country house and so I can remember the name day that I left it from my country and I miss my country so much. 

Place(s): My country flag
Year: 2015

– H.M

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