Year of Ox Necklace

Drawing of ox necklace
Drawing of ox necklace

My necklace has been gifted to me as a young child, the engraving has a Ox symbolizing my Zodiac Animal. I also has received various other pieces of jewelry, but I chose this in particular because Since my Grandma had it made for me it made it a lot more special on top of the engraving. It's a Chinese Tradition to gift your grandkids on their 100 day or 1 Month old anniversary these pieces of jewelry, I believe the gold is for good luck and fortune. When I'm older I'll be sure to educate others about this and I will also pass my necklace down and I hope others can learn more from this. The necklace connects to my identity in many ways one of them is my chinese background and what year I was born, also the traditions and culture behind it. The necklace can be worn at anytime not for special occasions only and be sure to keep it in a jewelry box or somewhere safe.  

Place(s): China

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