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A long time ago around 1930 I was told by my grandma that a friend of hers she met in France named Cheri at a crochet store. The store Cheri owned was for young girls to learn how to crochet and to have fun. Cheri was a role model to those who knew her in France. After arriving in the United States to be more independent, she found a job at a handmade clothing store that didn’t pay her much. Cheri loved to make clothes and give them to people that needed it. Although Cheri needed the money since she had moved to a completely different country it was her passion, it was something that inspired her and kept her happy. Unfortunately one day Cheri was on her way to work when a car just hit her and sadly she lost one arm. For the next few months she was depressed and unhappy with no job and no money. Cheri missed her family greatly back in Italy. My grandma Darlene whom she met in France bought her 2 crochet yarns as a souvenir and a reminder of what life used to be like working in France at her crochet store. Till this day she is a constant reminder of what it means to have a passion. The yarn to me and my family represents the sacrifice she made leaving her country. 

  • Sa’cha Johnson

Place(s): France

– Sa'cha Johnson

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