Yankee Stadium 1923 Replica

In Fun

My object is a very detailed replica of Yankee Stadium from the year 1923. It was made in 1996 in the USA. I have never actually been or really seen Yankee Stadium in 1923, but my father, brother, and I all bought this replica together at one of the many Yankee games we went to from the years 2006 to 2011. This object is very important to me and my whole entire family. My grandpa and dad went to games when he was just a child and I was lucky enough to go to tons of games with my father. Baseball is a huge part of my life and so are the Yankees. It is what I love to do wherever and whenever, and this object is just one representation of it. We bought this to remember the times we spent together and so that we would never lose the memories we all made together. I also have a strong background that relates highly to baseball. My family is of Puerto Rican descent. There are baseball stars all around the country in the world we are living in today.We all love baseball, it’s our favorite thing to converse about and play. My strong love for baseball often reminds me of my identity as a Puerto Rican and makes me think about my father’s family and past generations of baseball lovers in my family.


Place(s): New York City
Year: 2007

– Spencer O'Connell

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