WWII Jacket

In Attire
This is his jacket worn in WW2
This is his jacket worn in WW2

This is an American army jacket from World War Two, worn by my great-grandpa 75 years ago. I wish he was still with us to tell his story. From stories I’ve heard, he fought on the European front. A little before the war he was taught how to type. After Pearl Harbor, he was drafted into the Army. He quickly became a Sergeant. A little while later, he became the general’s private secretary. Being able to type saved his life because he got out of fighting on the European front of WWII. This jacket is still in amazing condition, minus some minor moth holes and pulls in the wool. When I found it in my house, I immediately put it on and felt a special connection to my great-grandpa. This object is extremely important to my family and extra important to me. After World War Two, none of my family joined the military. I want to start the trend again and join the Navy when I’m out of college. The more I wear and know about this jacket, the closer I feel to my ancestors and achieving my dreams of joining the Navy

Place(s): New York and Europe


Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more