Wooden Table

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Intricate designs on the front of it
Intricate designs on the front of it

This object is small coffee table. Though it may not seem like much, this small simple table has a rich background. My family’s cultural identity is shown through this object because it traveled with my family. My grandfather bought it in Hong Kong, and when they immigrated here they had brought it with them. The intricate designs and materials used to create this table are what initially drew my grandmother and grandfather to the table, and it became a symbol of my family’s immigration. They were originally from Bombay, where they lived for a small portion of my father's early life. After this, they moved to Hong Kong and stayed there for another 7-8 years, and this is where they bought the table. They may have stayed in another country, but that information hasn’t been revealed to me yet. Finally, they ended up in America, under unique circumstances. My aunt had gotten married, and they came to America first. Soon after, she applied to have the rest of her family join her. My family’s story is unique because they absorbed many cultures in different countries before coming to America, and they managed to incorporate each one of these cultures to their lives here. This story sounds similar to other stories in the bigger picture, but the details of my family’s immigration are unique. To this day, we still use the coffee table, and my grandmother still tells the story of my family’s immigration. She also speaks to the originality of the table, and how they aren’t made that way anymore. She uses this small, seemingly normal table as a symbol of our family culture and history. 

Place(s): Bombay, Hong Kong

– TL

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant