Wood Planer

This is a picture of a wood planer
This is a picture of a wood planer

Woodworking tools, all the things you can make with them. Wood working in general has been a big part of my family. When my sisters and I younger my dad would take us to help him at his workshop. Normally, in mexican culture girls are not taught how to fix or make things. Working with my dad in his workshop helped me learn how to do build and create objects  and get close to him. The object That I am talking about is a planer. A planer is a wood box that has a blade in the middle which is used to sand things down. This planer  was given to my dad by his dad and hopefully, one day it will be given to me. The planer was the first tool I ever learned how to use. My dad liked working with his dad in Mexico just like I like working with my dad now. Together they built many things including a bench that they gave to other members of my family. The bench  was made of white wood and it had a table that went with it. As well as giving my dad a planer, my grandfather  also gave him a hand made ruler that folds down. These items are very important to my family, me, and my culture.

Place(s): Mexico

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Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child