Wish Gnome

In Fun

 My object is a half-clay gnome. It is enclosed in glass and the head is a walnut and the eyes are white seeds. It is made from natural products. It was manufactured in Germany (where my mom comes from). It is a symbolic reminder to my family and their German roots. 
My grandpa made it with my mom when she was a kid. My mom cherished the gnome and now has given it to me. 
The importance of it is that it holds good luck, protects you from harm and gives peace. During the day, the gnome can be taken to a quiet place. If you have a wish, you ask the gnome. It is said that the wish will come true. 
I am going to continue the tradition and one day I will pass it on to the next generation. I’m very proud to be in that tradition and proud to be one of the people to be the guardian of that gnome. I will continue to protect it as it protects me. 

Place(s): Germany
Year: 1999

– Maya

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child