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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
not exact look but it is very similarcar
not exact look but it is very similarcar

My Step Mom’s name is Jessica and she came here from Mexico when she was six. Her family did not have lots of money when they got here. But over the years as she grew up she had her first baby when she was 16 and then she had another baby at the age of 18 and then another one at 21 and she needed a car. Finally, after begging her mom to help her buy the car, in 2009,  when Jessica was 23 years old, she had enough money to buy a new car. She bought a Camry from Jimmy Vassers Toyota and this was her first very big purchase. Nowadays I have to say thank you for buying the car because if she had not I would have not been able to have a car for when I get my drivers license. She has had that car for over ten years and it still runs. She told me that she was in a car accident in 2011 and it was almost totaled and it was in the car shop for over two months. And she had bought this car when she was only 23. Jessica gave me some history on where she bought this car and some other facts about it.She bought the Camry at Jimmy Vassers Toyota car dealership. And this was her first car that she had bought at an actual car dealership.She bought it in 2009; and at the time there was and also there have been a lot of fun and sad and memorable moments in this car. She had to beg her mom to help her buy the car. The Camry is important to me as well because it was a part of my step mother's life and was a big deal to her back then. And now I get to have and take care of a little piece of history from her. Also it's nice that I can have a free car when I get my license.

Place(s): Mexico, America

– Savannah Blanco-KIte

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant