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This is Whaley the Beluga whale
This is Whaley the Beluga whale

This whale was given to me by my sister, who before that had got it from our older sister, who picked it up in a small thrift store in Jamaica. She’s been with my sister longer than I've lived, but when she got older she gave her to me. I couldn’t remember the name she had given the whale before she was mine, so I called her whaley. She’s a beluga whale with brown eyes, and a small tear right above her tail. Whaley’s more than just a stuffed animal, she’s a member of the family after all these years she’s always been with us, and never got lost. I’d bring her with me everywhere, because she made me feel safe and calm. When everything was unfamiliar I realized I had Whaley who always remained the same. Even after a generation she remains the same, and I hope to pass her down to my children someday, so that she can give them the same feeling of comfort she gave to me and my sisters.

– CM

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