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churrasco meats......
churrasco meats......

A churrasco is a Brazilian cookout that has been very present throughout my entire life. My mother came to America at a very young age and had me and I have been very exposed to Brazilian cultures and since I'm the first child in the whole family that is a first gen, I have been through many experiences relating to Brazilian culture and I have loved it. Churrascos are the best because the food that is cooked is so good, full trays of rice, steaks and meats cooked on a grill and other varying dishes and deserts are so delicious and I feel so blessed that I was born with the luxury of enjoying this culture and being a part of it. My family is also so fun to be around at times, especially people like my grandmother and my great uncle who are always having the most fun, but however I enjoy it mostly for the food aspect, there is nothing better tasting to me than food at a churrasco.

Place(s): Brazil, Massachusetts
Year: 1999

– GS

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