Wedding earrings

Relationship: Im/migrant

There is a lotus with nine petals on the flag of the republic that I’m from. It’s really strange because one of the ecological problems of this region is drought and steppe fires. I remember when I was younger I wanted to make a tattoo in a shape of lotus. Now I can keep this cherished flower without any tattoo or souvenir. Before I left my mother gave me two pairs of silver earrings as a traditional wedding gift from mother. These earrings remind me about our days before I left. I came to my home town for a week. We visited all five or six jewelry stores in town. My mother wanted to find something with our national design but stylish at the same time. Those days, we walked in the city park, probably second or third time ever we ate out and looked at the stars in our empty backyard. Here in America I wear this these earrings when my husband and I hang out. To wear earrings from my mother is like wearing my mother’s dress going to a first date. The lotus earrings are my favorite. They look like drops with a lotus inside. The petals of this lotus are elegant and embossed. I’m pleased to squeeze the drops in my fingers and feel the outlines of the flower. The drops are always warm and I feel their weight. I really hope my mother will give these earrings to her granddaughter personally. 

Place(s): New York, Kalmykiya
Year: 2017

– Anna

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant