Wandering Thoughts Painting

A painting made by my third great uncle.
A painting made by my third great uncle.

 My third great uncle, Francis Davis Millet, was an American painter and sculptor. He made many paintings while he was alive, including Between Two Fires, A Difficult Duet, and my family’s personal favorite; Wandering Thoughts. The painting Wandering Thoughts holds a very sentimental value in my family because it’s something we can all connect to and something we all have in common with each other. My grandmother has kept the original painting ever since my grandfather died for not only does it hold memories and sentimental value from past family members, but it’s also one of the few things my grandmother has that was his from his childhood. Both of my aunts and my uncle, as well as my father, own a copy of this beautiful piece that's hung up in their living rooms and are taken good care of, even if they’re just copies, because even the copies are some of the most important things in our family, for they make us feel closer as a family knowing we all have something to connect over and reminisce about if we ever need a conversation starter. 

Place(s): America

– OE

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