In Attire

My object that I plan on sharing is a piece of clothing. It is called Vyshyvanka. This clothing represents the Ukrainian country and its culture. A vyshyvanka is from a piece of history when the warriors called, “Kozake,” wore this kind of clothing during battles. Now the Ukrainians continue to wear them, but during holidays and festivities. It has become a tradition for people to wear this clothing during independent days in my country. The shirt has designs on the top middle and on the wrists. The rest of clothing is plain white. Sometimes the clothing can be plain black as well. The original colors are black, white and red. Lately, the Ukrainians have begun to make colors like: blue, yellow, green and orange.Also, in some Vyshyvanka’s like my dad’s, has the white color in the designs and in the plain white part too.The interesting information is that these clothings are made by hand which makes The material really soft and smooth. I chose this artifact because it reminds me of Ukraine. I have a lot of good memories. Both my dad and mom have plenty of good memories as well of Ukraine. My parents moved here in 2004 with me. My two sisters were born here.I think about the peaceful Ukraine that is represented in the clothing that I wore and those are the memories I kept in my heart. But my parents have their own Vyshyvankas, so they have their memories too of Ukraine.

Year: 2004

– Max

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child