Grandpa's Journey to America
Grandpa's Journey to America

For this assignment the object I chose is a video of my grandpa and his family when they were leaving to immigrate to America. My grandpa immigrated from the Netherlands to America when he was nine years old. He immigrated in the mid 50s’ with his 4 sisters and his parents. The video was taken by a relative that stayed back in Holland, it was later mailed back to my family in America. We are proud to have it so we never forget our culture.In the video you can see my grandpa’s family back in Holland having a going-away party. You then see them board the Groote Beer; the ship that brought them to America. The video was passed down to my mom a few years ago. I chose this object because my grandpa wasn't allowed to bring a lot of stuff with him when he came to America. My mom digitized the video when it came to be in her possession. The video tells the story on how they immigrated and what their life was like.  In conclusion, the video is important to my family because it is a special part of our history that has been passed down throughout generations. I am proud to have this video in our family. 

Place(s): Holland

– LT

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant