Vidalia Onion

sweet, yellow onion
sweet, yellow onion

The vidalia onion is grown specifically in Vidalia, Georgia where my maternal great grandparents are from. Mary Lizzie Bryant was born in 1924 and George Willie Turner was born in 1926. Since Mary was a girl, it was expected of her to get an education and graduate, but George had to sneak to school. They attended the same high school, where they fell in love. Though Mary was older, they were both in the same grade as she had been held back. On the day of their graduation in 1944, George's father refused to let him attend. So once again, George snuck to the school and Mary was there waiting for him with a new suit and shoes. After graduation, Mary’s family moved to Detroit, Michigan. George moved to Cleveland, Ohio In 1944. In 1945 he packed up and went to Detroit, showing up at Mary's doorstep. Mary worked in the glass plant at Ford factory and was able to get him a job on the assembly line. In 1946, they bought a house together and in 1947, their first child was born. After giving birth, Mary left the factory and found work as a maid. Mary and George went on to have six more children. George was a member of the Detroit Masonic Temple and Mary had her quilts featured in an exhibit in the Detroit Institute of Arts. My family helped build the most current location of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church and were very active; my grandfather was a trustee, my great uncle was the choir director and my grandfather sang in the choir. My great grandparents were also instrumental in founding the AGAPE House, Hartford’s community outreach organization. 

Place(s): Vidalia, Cleveland, Detroit
Year: 1944

– Ta'Lisa

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant