Vacation Village Family Home

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This is a three story house, located in Loch Sheldrake New York, in a small town called Vacation Village. To most people, this may appear like a simple red cottage house on the country side, but to me, it means so much more. To me, this house represents family. My grandparents and great uncle bought this house in the 1980's as a small 1 story home. They lived in this home for six months of the year, while they retreated to Florida during the cold months. However, this home quickly transformed into a family home, bustling with cousins, aunts, and uncles. It wasn't long before my grandparents built additional floors to accommodate the large family. After this, every summer and most high holidays were spent here. I have distinct memories playing family games of hide-and-seek in the trees, going canoeing on Sundays, and Saturday night pizza from Izzy Knish n' Nosh. It has now been more than 30 years and unfortunately my grandparents can no longer make the trek up. But what they created was so much more than a family summer home, rather it fostered a strong family connection that inspires our family to have continuos gatherings and bondings in many different places.

Year: 1980

– Ellie Selevan

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