Unity and Hispanic Food

 Drawn here are our traditional foods
Drawn here are our traditional foods

My grandpa was the first in my family tree to immigrate to the U.S. He immigrated in the 1960’s in a workers program which made him wealthy. He left his family and friends in Mexico. Later on, he was able to make enough money to help his siblings go to school and own land for himself. He married a citizen in the U.S and raised his kids there. A tradition that he was committed to was being together with the family and enjoy food from his hispanic heritage. His traditional food he would cook was chicharones and carne asada, which brought the family together. He would do this on special occasions such as when the whole family was at the house or when a friend came over. Talking and being comfortable with others and family complimented his food tradition. Since he lost contact with one of his siblings and left his family in Mexico, family unity and food was important to him. His tradition is passed down to my family as well as my cousins’ family. Carne asada and chicharones have been a family favorite because of him as well as the purpose of unity behind it. He incorporated other hispanic foods with his traditional food on birthdays. Celebrating birthdays with his traditional food has also been passed down to his kids, including my mom.

Place(s): Mixlan, Jalisco, Mexico

– RT

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant