Uncle Sal's Farm

Overhead view of the farm land
Overhead view of the farm land

During these changing times, my Great Uncle Sal’s farm has been a place of consistency. Having this farm allows us to take our mind off the crazy world and put our energy into continuing the farm’s legacy even when things feel so uncertain. My Great Uncle Sal owned land out on Island road in North Syracuse where he kept his garden full of vegetables. This land was passed down by his father who immigrated here from Sicily, Italy in 1905 and used this land to farm as his occupation. My great-great-grandparents and their eight children would move out to the farm during the growing season and sell their produce to the regional market. Uncle Sal's garden is my most treasured memory of him. He and his Italian wife, Anna, would come down the driveway in his 2001 forest green Subaru loaded with lots of vegetables they had harvested. He would open the trunk, dirt coating his hands from digging and planting his bounty. He came with different vegetables each time, from his Sicilian pear tomatoes to his famous homegrown garlic. After his short visit, he always slipped us cash before our parents could see. Uncle Sal and Anna spent their days gardening vegetables and continued to do so up until he had passed away. The land on Island road was passed down to my father and brother and the garden had soon stopped. Yet, my brother has recently been frequenting the farm and tilling the land for the planting of vegetables when spring arrives, salvaging the farm and our great family memories. 

Place(s): Sicily, Syracuse, Binghamton
Year: 1905

– Autumn Baker

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more