U.S Air Force Uniform Shirt

In Attire

My picture above shows my grandfather’s U.S Air Force uniform shirt. This shirt is about 55 years old, and was worn by my grandfather during the Vietnam War. My grandfather’s name is Richard Bingle. He was my mother’s father. Unfortunately I never got to meet him. My mom also barely knew him. He passed away from a heart attack when she was only three years old. This shirt allows my mom to have a piece of him. It also represents the good he did for our country. After both my grandma and grandpa passed away this shirt was passed down to my mom. His job in the Air Force was working with computers and satellites. As you can see on the shirt there are several badges. One of the badges says U.S Air Force, the other his last name, Bingle. The two badges on the sleeves are a chevron pattern with seven stripes and this represents his rank of a Senior Master Sergeant.  

– Kiley Higgins

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