My object is a very important typewriter, over 70 years ago this typewriter has been brought into my family with high hopes and wonder, thinking of all the things they’ll write, but there it is in my room decades later. It was my Great Grandfather’s at first, he was thinking of all he could do with this magical machine that had so much power. It could write a love letter,a sad poem,or the next American novel. It was passed down to my Grandmother, she used it for high school, to type up papers and reports, then finally it was given to me, on my ninth birthday. My object was used for typing up newspapers, stories and more. Typewriters were a huge success! Everyone across the states were using this amazing product, typing up wonderful stories. Many people still use typewriters today,(just like me), but it’s more common to see the people of today on their fancy new computers or on ipads. On typewriters you couldn’t delete anything, the backspace button was just to go back one space, it doesn’t delete anything. Both typewriters and computers are wonders to me, but I know more about what computers are made of then what typewriters are made of. My Great Grandfather bought this item of writing in 1940, and it was passed on to my Grandmother in the 50’s and was passed on to me in 2016.  It’s important to me because it feels like I always have my Great Grandfather with me, like whenever I type something he’s there, listening to me, writing with me. One question I have for my Great Grandfather is where did he get it? Why did he get it? Maybe I can write a story about it. 

– B

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more