Two thin threads on my wrist

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Two thin threads on my wrist
Two thin threads on my wrist

“I carry you in the pocket near my heart because only this way it beats” - these are words from one of my favorite Ukrainian singer's songs. 
Not in the pocket, but on my wrist. There are two thin threads that are very important to my heart now, two pieces of my homeland that are always with me.
The first is in blue and yellow colors, like the Ukrainian national flag. Every time when looking at it I remember lovely landscapes of the endless yellow fields of wheat and a much more endless blue peaceful sky. I close my eyes and almost feel a blowing of warm wind, happiness inside me, a spirit of freedom and peace everywhere.
And the second bracelet is a silver thread with the word HOME and the map of my beautiful Ukraine instead of the letter O. It gives me hope to return to my home, my free country, with no annexation territories and no war.  
These are not just two thin threads on my wrist. They are a part of my soul and my good deeds. I bought them when I’d already been out of Ukraine. My colleague sold some things through Instagram to gather money to support the Ukrainian Force Army. As soon as I saw them immediately I bought one, making my daily contribution to a Ukrainian victory that way.
Since then I wear them on my wrist like a symbol of my country, a symbol of my home, and especially, a symbol of our victory.

Place(s): Kyiv, Ukraine
Year: 2022

– Viktoriia

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant