Turkish Coffee Maker

Relationship: Im/migrant
Turkish Coffee Maker
Turkish Coffee Maker

My mom loves her cup of Turkish coffee a day, accompanied by a cigarette, usually around 8 PM after dinner. It is such a ritual in my house, you wouldn't believe. Everyone in my family makes their choice of drink, and we spend 30 minutes talking about our day. 

I moved to NY in 2014, and even though I rarely drink Turkish coffee, this was one of the first items I bought when I started packing. It is the cheapest Turkish coffee maker you can buy, and it frankly does not do a great job, but we all knew that the reason for purchase was not to recreate the best cup Turkish coffee in Brooklyn. My family was persistent in getting me one because they didn't want me to get caught up in the chaos of college and New York, and forget why I am here, and where I come from.

Despite using it seldom, it is essential to me. It reminds me of family traditions that carry over no matter where you are. Of course, we don't continue this tradition, mainly because of the time difference. However, whenever I am back in Turkey, we eat dinner, and we make our choice of drinks and talk. If I ever move to another city or country, I know that this one will be one of the first objects I will bubble-wrap nice and tight.

Place(s): Turkey, New York
Year: 2014


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant