Turkish Coffee Cups

My objects are Turkish Coffee Cups. We call them “Fincan”. They are essential equipment for Turkish style of serving coffee. Their purpose is making people happy with a coffee in small quantity. The cups and saucers are made of porcelain, so our coffee can stay hot. Keeping Turkish coffee hot is important because people drink it slowly. Fincans look like an espresso style cups, but a little bit different. There are many espresso cups that are not suitable for Turkish coffee because they are too small for it. Designs on the cups and saucers are special. These cups can carry averagely 2.5fl. oz./75ml. Turkish coffee becomes more than just a cup of coffee when it is shared by our friends. It is unspoken way of communication, so these cups are important part of the Turkish coffee ritual.I have had numerous memorable things in my life. Mine Turkish coffee cups are one of the most memorable ones because my mum and sister gave them. It was two years ago but it was like yesterday. I was in my mother’s house, which was my favorite place in the entire world. Suddenly, my mother and sister came into the room with a cute box. I opened it and saw those coffee cups. I was happy and still keep them like a treasure. One year later, I had to move New York. I brought these coffee cups from Turkey to New York. Whenever I see them, I miss my family so much. I am also very thankful to have a family who loves me and makes me feel like the luckiest girl on earth. 

– Burcu

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