Grandparent's Cookbook

Relationship: Im/migrant
A picture of the recipe box
A picture of the recipe box

According to my father, the recipe book he uses every year during the holidays has been passed down ever since his great grandparents. This book means a lot to me as one key trait passed along my father’s side of the family is that we all can cook. It’s sad that I’m not in Louisiana to talk to my grandmother and grandfather face to face about cooking, as my dad, my sister, and I all had to move to Virginia due to my father being laid off. Thankfully, with the advent of the telephone, I can talk to her about the recipes when they were my father’s age. Many people could compare my story to those in which people flee from their own country in order to find economic posterity in America, leaving everything behind. While this is nearly true, we only started in Louisiana, so the travel and the naturalization processes were greatly minimized.

Place(s): Lafayette, Louisiana - Salem, Virginia
Year: 2016

– Thomas Hinson

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant