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Relationship: Im/migrant

One of my oldest memories of the country in which I was born was about a game called Trompos. I was born in Guatemala. Live in a village and I remember playing this game. Trompo is a type of object used to play, where the body is made of wood or plastic, and in the center, there is a metal protruding from the end similar to a nail. And, to use it, one has to wind a rope around the body of the Flip and then throw it on the ground to make it the spin. This game was especially famous in my small town and I think in some other places. The first time I saw that game I wanted to try to learn to spin the spin. I learned about this game from the people who played it, when experiencing it, and it was fun to play with my friends and cousins when we were children. I was very excited to play and learn more about this very fun game. Also, I think this game was played for decades. People loved to play this game, they had many different tricks like putting it in the palm of someone while it is still spinning, having competitions, people joined to challenge others with their tricks. This game reminds me of my childhood, in the town where most of my friends and all my family were born. It was a place where everyone welcomed me, I felt at home, I also had many but many friends that I consider as my brothers because they were always with me playing with the tops and learning new tricks and challenging other opponents who also became good friends.

Place(s): Guatemala
Year: 1999

– D.C

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant