Tres Leche

tres leche
tres leche

The secret to the recipe of the tres leche is something we don’t share with anyone because it is just something we keep to ourselves. My grandma used to make it every holiday for the family, and we all loved it!  My mother used to watch my grandma make tres leche, so my mother started learning how to make it little by little until she got it right. This way, as my grandma started getting older and couldn’t do it anymore like she used to, the tres leche tradition got passed on to my mother, so she’s the one who makes it for the family now for every holiday.  I'm really happy that at least I still have my grandmother, and she’s taught my mother the secret recipe the same way she used to do it, and I'm also happy because at least someone from my family knows how to make tres leche, and it tastes just like the way my grandma used to make it. Tres leche represents a strong family tradition for us.

Place(s): puerto rico

– Karindaliz

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