Traditional Chinese Paintings


My object is different paintings that were painted by my grandfather.  My grandfather migrated from China to the US and settled in Brooklyn.  He owned a laundromat and was a fantastic artist.  Most of his paintings were of mountains, fishing, trees, bodies of water, and people walking through stunning surroundings.  He would draw with a big brush and different colors to create beautiful pictures and shadows.  The style he drew in was called traditional Chinese drawings.  The people in his village in China would ask him to write invitations and cards for them because his penmanship was so neat.  When he migrated to America, he had nothing but his painting skills, but sadly he didn’t have the opportunity to become an artist.  So instead he became a butcher and saved enough money to own a laundromat.  When I look at these paintings it represents the gamble he took to make a life in New York.  He had no idea of living in America would be better than life in China and if he didn’t take this gamble I wouldn’t have been born.  It also refers to me because I love to draw and do it in my free time.  My grandfather blew me away with his paintings, and I always want to be just as good as him.  These paintings are important to me because it inspires me to draw like him.  

Place(s): China, New York
Year: 1960

– RL

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant