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Relationship: Im/migrant
A photo simlar to dog my mom gave me
A photo simlar to dog my mom gave me

The object I'm using is a toy dog that my grandma gave to me before she died a few years ago this object has not been passed down. It was my grandma's toy. That she gave to me that she bought no she bought it  in my parents home country of Montenegro and it has stayed there for the past 8 years it does not relate to my parents immigration or my cultural identity it more shows my grandmas love for me and the object in question the toy dog  was something she bought for me to play when I was really young like around 2 years old and it was always my favorite toy and whenever I would go to Montenegro I would spend all day playing with and with my grandma after she made me my favorite Montenegro dish which is called burek And she would go into her garden and pick the spinach fresh for the burek and a larger story that some people could relate to is a grandmas love and death 

Place(s): Montnegro
Year: 2001

– AC

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant