tostones smasher

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My grandmother came from the dominican republic 1988 to the united states. One of the few items that she brought with her in her suitcase was a plantain smasher. Plantains is a very popular vegetable and many foods can be made out of plantains and one of them is called ‘’to stones’’ which is smashed fried plantains. The plantain smasher had been a gift to my grandmother, since my grandmother was already leaving behind everything and everyone she knew, to come to the united states to start a new life, she wanted to bring something that reminded her of her home, specially something that reminded her of her own mother. The plantain smasher has been in our family for over 3 decades. My great-grandmother has since passed, and my grandmother has retired  and moved back to the Dominican republic. The plantain smasher was a gift to my grandmother from my great-grandmother now belongs to my mother. My mother uses it all the time to make me the ‘’to stones’’ that i love to eat. One day I hope that my mother will give the plantain smasher so i can make the ‘’to stones’’ for myself or for other people,but that is if my mother or my grandmother teaches me how to cook the ‘’to stones’’ and other kinds of foods. I also hope that my mother doesn't break the plantain smasher.

Place(s): DR
Year: 1982

– brandon nina

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant