Tortola Dancing

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Dancing in Tortola
Dancing in Tortola

What the pictures show and how they are a part of me is that even though there is hate, a nice party music, food, will bring us together. It is like we throw away the hate and move as a unit. We are a family and family doesn't fight each other over the little things. When I was little, I always loved my grandmother's cooking. When she does it it's like she is pouring her soul into it giving her kids everything so they can move on with life happily. The music I feel like it puts you in the mood to enjoy life for what it is. There is a festival that is like a big party where the whole island comes together marching down the road showing love music for a week. I couldn't go because when I was a little boy I would watch it on tv watching everyone enjoy their time.

In my time in Tortola everything was different and living near the beaches was great waking up and going for a swim was the best feeling. I would go with my family and party at the beach there would be music, food swimming toys.When I had my birthday it was for the whole day and I went on a platform on the water it was like a stage where all the other kids where and I wish I could relive those moments. 

Place(s): Tortola
Year: 2012

– Kevante George

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant