thumbprint charm

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from my grandpa
from my grandpa

My grandpa is the king of our family. This all changed when he died. He gave us each gifts and went around to share them. This necklace was his gift to me. When you look at it, it seems like an ordinary heart-shaped necklace. At first, that was what I thought too, but it turns out is is a mold of his thumbprint in clay. I will always wear it when we have a special occasion with part of our family because then it seems like he is still part of our family, and he is always with us. I will sometimes even wear it to school, and I will have to explain to my friends how much it means to me. My grandpa was a big part of my life. He would always rent movies for me to watch with my cousins. He helped and supported me growing up. I chose for him to take me to places that I loved. He showed me the place that I will love to call my home, but I can’t and one day I hope I can. The cool, hard metal is smooth around the edges, but the rough, bumpy, warm metal is right on the thumbprint. I have met some of my closest friends & gone through rough times & easy times with that chain around my neck. Everyone has a unique fingerprint and sometimes that is how we identify each other. In this case, being connected to my grandpa through this necklace is what I have in common with other people. 

Place(s): Michigan

– SG

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant