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Pop-Pop’s ring
Pop-Pop’s ring

This is my Pop-Pop’s thumb ring. It fits perfectly well on my ring finger. I never really thought about passing it down, but maybe that’ll change in the future. Pop-Pop did everything a good grandfather should do. He had a good sense of humor, and would watch Scooby-doo with me on an uncomfortable couch in the living room, with the tv barely five feet away from us. I remember telling him, “That’s your heart doctor,” to one of the scary surgeons that was featured in the Scooby-doo movie. Little did I know that he would die from a heart attack years later, but let’s keep this lighthearted. Pop-Pop had a big beard akin to Santa, except his was grey with black patches here and there. He was on the heavier side, but a majority of that was muscles from his time of running a mechanics shop. I’m sure on the outside he was very intimidating to those who didn’t know him well, but I never remembered him as a scary man. I remember him calling me button, and taking me for walks when he visited, and my hand barely fitting his. 
Someday I might pass this ring down, as my mother did for me so I have something to remember Pop-Pop by. However it is hard to let go of something when you had a special connection to that person. For right now, I will wear his ring for every special occasion. Every birthday. Every graduation. Every milestone. 

Place(s): New Jersey

– CO

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant