The Virgin Mary Necklace

Relationship: Im/migrant

This necklace has a big meaning to us and our beliefs. When my dad immigrated from Mexico, he didn’t take many things from where he lived. One of the most precious things he had was a necklace of the Lady of Guadalupe, which he took with him. This necklace is really important to my dad because he has had this necklace for over 25 years and this necklace has protected him over these years. My dad usually takes this necklace everywhere he goes, because he has faith that the Virgin Mary will protect him. My family are strong believers of the Virgin Mary, and because of this necklace, our faith grows stronger and stronger. Just about a year ago, my dad gave me this necklace, so everywhere I went, it would protect me. Personally I’m glad my dad has given me this necklace, because first, like I said before, we’re strong believers of the Virgin Mary and second, I have faith the Virgin Mary will protect me everywhere I go and it will lead me to a good path. In the end, I just hope this necklace is passed, generation through generation, and our Catholicism stays the same.  

Place(s): Mexico
Year: 2001

– Adolfo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant