Butter Lamp

The object I have is called Butter Lamp. It is used to light up the house and is found in front of God statue. Butter Lamp is always found in Temple and in house of Tibetan house. In India and Tibet, it is made up of butter. Tibetan people melts the butter and puts in the lamp and waits until it dries it out. After the butter drying in the lamp then they will put light it up. It is little different in America, we cannot make butter lamp so we just buy candle and put it in the lamp. This object is made up of silver by my grandma when was 25 years old. She brought it from Tibet to India and now after she passed away, my father brought it to America. My father said that we always need to give good things to God and common people need to use steel things such as plate or cup, it is like a respect to the God.

Year: 1930

– Tenzin Choeyang

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