The Three Graces

Relationship: Im/migrant
The main piece
The main piece

My object belongs to my grandmother and was given to my mother as a gift. It is called “ The Three Graces” By Erte.Erté was a Russian artist and designer known for his glamorous opera sets, jewelry, costumes, and graphic arts. His work is quintessentially emblematic of the “Art Deco”style in its use of tapering lines and simplified ornamentation inspired by the natural world.  My grandmother was a huge art collector owning many pieces of work. She was not only a huge fan but also a friend of Erte. Trending in the 80s, a lot of his work. At the time The artist had been around 90 years old. My grandmother attended his 90th birthday. She also sold a lot of his pieces to art collectors. My grandmother's pieces can be found throughout some of her properties. Almost as an omen of good luck as well as good health The statue in home I chose can be valued from twenty two thousand to twenty seven thousand dollars. We plan on keeping our Erte pieces in the family for a long time. I chose this piece because it's one of the most standout pieces of art  in my house and because I always knew it had a rich history in my family because Erte was an artist that my family had collected many pieces from. This is important to me because this artist is highly regarded by my family. In addition to that i want to continue buying pieces as I get older. Thus enabling the continuity of my family's artistic values 

Place(s): New York

– Maximillian Johnson

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant