The Three

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Me, my sister and brother
Me, my sister and brother

The Three is refereeing to me, my sister and brother. This is what America is to me. Growing up I don't think I really realized how much two little humans could love another little human in such a way they loved me. Early on in our life we learned to appreciate the things we had such as the people, places and money in our life because that could be stripped away from us at any moment. As a kid I was able to learn from my sister and brother in different ways such as how to have fun, I remember one day me and my brother were watching the "Teen beach movie"  and there was a scene where the song "falling for you" was playing and the girl fell into the boys arm, so we loved that part so much to where we would do it all the time while singing the song. I miss times like that where all of my problems weren't my biggest priority and I could shut them out while I was with my siblings. Now my sister and I also had good times, like the time where we snuck up the hill to go play with the other kids because we weren't allowed up there unless our brother was with us, that day we were so scared we would get caught but as long as we did it together it was fine getting in trouble. I know I said the three but it's really the four because my cousin is my brother also and I love him as much as I love my siblings because he's been there through every step  including the hard times and the good times and writing this letter without mentioning him would fill empty. This is America.

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