The spirit

Relationship: Im/migrant

Buddha you had represented my religion and hopes. The movement I visit the place you were born, I see hopes my parents has fulfilled and we have overcome all the challenges on the path to living in a better environment. Now it is the time for us to pay back all you had given us. We put your spirit into a stone to represent an amulet that given by the god to protect us from future obstacles. You represent different sides of human's personality, I made a wish upon your statue with my parents to protect everyone in the family and overcome all the obstacles.  At first, i don't think these beliefs can affect my life that much because I am more into reality. Not to mention, the day when a turn 14 I had a very strong fever that cannot be able to cool down and we went to the emergency's room but it didn't help from getting away the fever. My parents and my older sibling were upset and worried, I can hear their voice for telling me not to give up. The next day my fever was gone like a miracle until that day I started to believe our religion, our Buddha is around to protect every follower from trouble. We celebrate every 17 in the lunar calendar for your kind, we appreciate all the chances that were given to us that leads to a change. 


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant