The Ring

Relationship: Im/migrant
My Great Great Grandmother's Ring
My Great Great Grandmother's Ring

My immigration object is a ring that my great-great grandmother had in the early 1900s. This particular ring has been passed down for many generations and symbolizes peace for my family, and gives family members good luck. When my mom came to America she was wearing the ring because she believed that if she had the ring wherever she went she would get good luck and nothing bad was going to happen to her. But when she came to America she realized that it was so different! In Argentina, my mother used to live in a farmhouse and when she came here it was different. And she continued to stay in America, by keeping the ring close to her.
The above image of the ring is 70 years old.  This ring is made of silver and is very important to my mom since she got it from her mom. This ring holds over hundreds of valuable memories. This ring helped my mom in America because she really missed her home back in Argentina and she knew nothing about the English language or about life in America.  Even today, she remembers her mother’s words, “No matter what, stay there and don’t worry. We are not going anywhere, we will always be here, just stay there and you will live the best life.” So my mom did as she was told and stayed in America and learned English and lived the best life she could.
I hope that we can continue passing down this ring to the next generation for luck and peace. 

Place(s): Argentina
Year: 2000

– IP

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant