The Power Of Family

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My father is a born and raised Mexican, he came to America in hopes of obtaining the American dream. Arriving in the United States as a young adult, not knowing anyone, my father carried his parent's photo as an inspiration to why he crossed the border. Being a family of eight in Mexico during the 1960's was harsh for my father's family. At 12 years old my father had to get a job and help my grandparents bring food to the table. Growing up in Mexico my father had his push and pulled factors when deciding to go to America. Some of the stories he would tell my siblings and I were the days in which he only ate beans and tortillas because that was all they could afford. The pull factors that set my dad to travel to America were the Employment opportunities, increased wages and overall, having the American dream. Once he established a life in the U.S, he was homesick. However, my father kept on going and what motivated him in working long hours in the factory was his parent's photograph. He told me that every time he felt like quitting and wanted to go back to Mexico he would look at my grandparent's photo. Looking at the photograph removed any nostalgic feelings, gave him the strength when walking miles to his destination and ceased the aching pains from work. Now when I see this image of my grandparents, I am glad my dad came to the United States, because now I have a chance to receive a good education and hopefully be able to support him as he did with his parents.

Year: 1975

– Marisol Garcia

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant