The Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid
The Polaroid

Let’s take a trip back in time though the magic of Polaroid and see the magic of the camera. This is a Automatic 320 land camera Polaroid This camera has traveled with my family from the dept of east harlem to Mitchell Houses in the Bronx. My great-grandmother purchased this camera in the early 1950-60s because since she was in politics for most of her career and she would capture every meeting she was going to and use it as a" memories "as my grandma said. This camera is my way of passage through my grandmother's pass and she always says," Its always about family and these objects are only items but family is what is here when the object disappears". My great-grandmother was an assembly member after  her 50 year career in politics and when she became of age she retired and I guess the camera  was her way of reliving what she did when she was younger. This camera has been passed down for 4 generations and will stay in our family for even more.

Place(s): Michell Housing,Bronx

– SM

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant