The Piñata

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 The Piñata
The Piñata

It's from Mexico, which is part of my culture,                                        
Basically  it’s used for children’s birthday parties and it can also be used for Christmas (mostly only in Mexico).
And a piñata is made out of  cardboard and over the cardboard we put colored,designed paper tissue fringe over it with glue and once your done decorating the piñata we cut a hole on top and fill it up with money/candy but you won’t really see money inside a piñata as often. 

Why I chose it :I chose it because it’s part of my culture, and it’s something that’s really fun to do while you're at parties, and we use a stick to break a piñata and the stick symbolizes virtue, as only good can overcome evil. Candies/money inside the piñata represents the temptations of wealth and earthly pleasures, once the piñata breaks the candies/money represents  the just reward for keeping faith. 

Place(s): Mexico

– ZM

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