The photo of Maria Magdalena


         This picture is really meaningful to my whole family because Maria resembles the Mexican religion, some Mexicans love her some much because of what she did to a lot of people, a long time ago Maria Magdalena used to be a prostitute.        As time passed by, Maria got time to meet Jesus and her whole life changed from something bad to something good. (she did it just to get money to eat but she wasn’t happy about it)and she became one of Jesus' followers.       And when my grandparents heard the story, they told my parents and my parents told us that if you do something in the past that you don’t feel happy with, you could always change it.          Also it is meaningful for my family and myself because she usually doesn’t appear in photos but she kinda appears in the photo that my mom took.    So this is the reason why I chose this one, cause I could share a moment that my mom really loves and also because I could share this story to people that I'm close with. 

Place(s): Mexico, Church

– Jennifer

Relationship:  unknown unknown