Arabian Star

An Arabian Star, on a Christmas tree.
An Arabian Star, on a Christmas tree.

 My family is Christian and emigrated from most likely England in Europe during the old immigration wave (early 1800’s), and every year we put an Arabian Star on top of the Christmas tree because our family is Christian and likely still was back in Europe. This object was owned by my parents long before I was born, as every Christmas I have lived to see we have used this star to put on top of the tree. The Arabian Star originates from Arabia, but doesn’t necessarily mean our family has Arabian origins. It is just a way for us to symbolize Christianity. The one we have on our Christmas tree is made of plastic and can be plugged in to light up, but other traditional stars like this can be made of metal or glass. This star represents my family and I, in that it symbolizes that our family is Christian. 

Place(s): Europe

– RP

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