The Old Note book

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Relationship: Im/migrant

An old worn down notebook, crinkles all over, fading colors. My old notebook, labeled 6th grade drawings. Although made in 1886. Mine was made in 2013-2015. It's not special, but to me it is.      
 My notebook is special to me because art in Puerto Rico is seen almost everywhere! When i was 4, I was fascinated by art! I used to go to daycare and they would have an area for young artists. I would always grab a paint brush & some paint cans and would start painting! Once i drew a Boat near shore and in water. I used bright colors like Blue, Yellow with Brown, and Light Blue. Then i would start drawing random things like A Cat in a dinosaur costume drinking soda with a dog.     
 In the future, I think of putting this notebook in a box where i put special items! When I grow up i wish to open an art studio and teach Beginners how to draw, art of people, animals, and  I can try 3D art.

Place(s): Puerto Rico
Year: 2013

– Shaila Marie

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant