The Lucky Traveling Coat

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Relationship: Im/migrant
The Lucky Traveling Coat. Gave to me by my mother before she passed.
The Lucky Traveling Coat. Gave to me by my mother before she passed.

My name is Gissela. I immigrated from Ecuador two years ago for love. Seven years ago, my mother passed away and left her red coat for me to wear. The coat fits me perfectly and is a vibrant red. She loved to travel and wore it everywhere she went. When I traveled from Ecuador, I wore my mother’s red coat. It is perfect for weather that is not too warm, but not too cold. As I walked toward the exit door of the terminal to take my first steps onto American soil, the first thing I saw was the blue sky and bright sun. I was unpleasantly surprised when a gust of cold air hit me as I walked out the door. The hardest part of leaving my home country was having to say goodbye to my father and children. They are all grown up now, but it is still hard to say goodbye to the ones you love. I love America. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. However, something that I have noticed over my time here is that immigrants who came here earlier than I did aren’t always nice to me and I don’t understand why. The coat makes me feel connected to my mom, like a part of her is with me when I wear it. I have photos of her in it with my arms around her. With the coat, I feel as though my mom is with me.

Place(s): Ecuador Massachusetts

– Gissela

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant